For eighteen years our Riverside Patio has provided a place for special functions and a fun place to gather.


First time visitors to our Riverside patio react with works like – “gee, this is nice”. Those who have been here before react more like this – “HOLY SMOKES, THIS IS NICE!” They’re both right – it is nice.


The patio is a fully functional, year round venue with roll down glass garage doors, ceiling fans, heaters, a thirty seat bar, multiple televisions and juke box.


There is no better place on the river to come down and just enjoy a cocktail or order some great food from our full service patio menu.  If that is not enough, during the summer months we have great music scheduled on most weekends.


It is also available to members to host many different private events, including family gatherings, graduations, birthday parties, etc.


Be sure to check out the Huron Yacht Club Riverside Patio during your next visit.