Huron Yacht Club – Clubhouse Rules



COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW: The Club shall, at all times, be conducted and operated in strict accordance with all applicable laws of the United States, the State of Ohio, and with in ordinances of the City of Huron.


COMMITTEE RULES: No committee or person shall make rules of its own or allow privileges which are adverse to the House Rules of the Club.


VIOLATION OF THE RULES: Those in charge of the Clubhouse or grounds employed by the Club are required to notify members of any violation of the rules of the Club, and to report the same to the Commodore. Any member violating any of these rules, or for any conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the Club, will subject himself to suspension pending further action by the Board of Directors.


WASTE & REFUSE: Waste and refuse shall be placed in the dumpster which is located in the northwest corner of the lower parking lot or the containers provided.


BAR HOURS: The Tap Room and Dining Room shall be open such days and during such hours as determined by the Board of Directors. The schedule will be posted on the web site and in the newsletter. No drinks will be served in the Yacht Club during membership meetings.


DOGS: Dogs and other animals shall not be permitted in the clubhouse and will be leashed while on the grounds. Pet waste shall be disposed of in a proper manner.


PARKING: All cars will be parked in spaces provided and only on club property. No parking is permitted in the road way.


PRIVATE PARTIES: Members desiring use of the Club, in all dining rooms, for private parties, shall apply to the General Manager. Application should be in writing and will state the nature of the event, number of expected guests and the date and time desired. The General Manager will supply this information to the Commodore , or his designate, for the necessary approval prior to booking the party. It must be understood that members of the Club, not included in the party, must have access to the Club and its’ facilities during private events. There will be no facilities charge for normal meetings of local, non-profit organizations including, but not limited to: Huron Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc.


GUESTS: All members are reminded that guest privileges should be used with discretion. Non family member guests should be limited to a reasonable number of visits. After that, the guest should be encouraged to join the club. This does not include guest attendance at functions or parties that are club sponsored by the Social Committee.


RESPONSIBILITY OF MEMBERS: Members introducing guests will be responsible for their conduct while in the Clubhouse or premises, and for any debt, liability or loss incurred by them. Access behind the bar and the kitchen is limited to flag officers. With the consent of the General Manager, directors and committee members will be given the same privilege. No other member, or their guests, are allowed behind the bar or in the kitchen.


CONDUCT: All members and guests will conduct themselves in an acceptable manner at all times. Boisterous, profane, or unacceptable language shall at all times be prohibited upon the premises.


ATTIRE: All persons visiting the Clubhouse must deposit their jackets or wraps in the room provided, rather than on tables and chairs. All members, guests, and visitors must wear shirts and shoes in the Clubhouse at all times. Members and guests shall not wear caps, bandannas or sun visors while in the dining room. Bathing suits, tank tops and tube tops are not permitted to be worn in the Clubhouse. Casual dress is permitted on the patio area at all times. Members and guests shall not wear headwear in the dining room.


RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS: The Club shall not be responsible for any loss and or damage to property left or kept on the premises or for any other loss sustained in the Club by any persons.


CHILDREN: Parents or persons bringing children into the Clubhouse must not allow them to run, romp, play or make disturbing and distracting noises. Children are not permitted to be seated at the bar in the Clubhouse during busy times. Parents or persons bringing children to the Club docks must not allow them to run or romp thereon, but shall keep them under surveillance at all times due to the inherent danger of tripping over lines and/or falling into the water. The Huron Yacht Club shall not be held responsible nor liable for the result of such an occurrence. It is recommended that children of tender years wear an approved life jacket or harness.


COMPLAINTS: No member shall give any order to the General Manager or staff with regards to the operation of the Club and bar. Any complaints regarding the General Manager or staff should be directed, in writing, to the Commodore. All complaints, requests, and suggestions shall be made in writing to the Commodore and shall include the date and signature of the person registering such.


FOOD, LIQUOR OR BEVERAGES: No food, liquor or beverages shall be brought into the Club House at anytime or onto the patio area during club functions. It may, however, be consumed aboard boats moored at Club dockage and the open air areas adjacent to the marina.

USE OF HYC MEMBERSHIP CARD AT OTHER I-LYA CLUBS: Some I-LYA Clubs are on an “all charge” system. You may use your HYC Membership Card to charge your restaurant and bar tabs at such Clubs to HYC. Membership Cards are not to be used to charge dockage, gas, diesel fuel, oil, repairs, etc. to HYC.


SKATEBOARDING, ROLLERBLADING, BICYCLE RIDING: No person may use the Club Grounds, including parking lots, for any of the above listed purposes.


IMPROVEMENTS TO BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: It is the sole responsibility of the Board of Directors to approve and/or contract any and all additions or improvements to the HYC building or grounds.


RULES: Any or all of the above rules may be changed or rescinded by the House Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.