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Members Only Fuel Voucher Program

The Huron Yacht Club would like to thank all of the members who have supported the fuel voucher program over the past several years.  By purchasing fuel vouchers, you have helped the club financially.  It reduces the credit card expense significantly and provides a cash infusion that allows us to take advantage of fluctuating fuel prices, (that's an understatement).


We're going to continue the program this year and to encourage participation, we'll continue to offer a 4% per gallon discount.  In other words, if gas sells for $5.39 per gallon, 22 cents per gallon purchased will be credited to the voucher holder's account.  All accounts will be reconciled at the end of the season and an HYC gift card will be issued for the appropriate amount.  (As an FYI, we handed out $924 in gift cards for 2022).  It's anybody's guess where fuel costs are going this year but be assured, we'll do our best to keep fuel pricing reasonable.  


Please note that vouchers are issued in $100 increments and will have an expiration date.  Any unused vouchers will be rolled over to next year or can be redeemed for HYC gift cards at the end of the season.  If you wish to purchase vouchers, please contact me either via text or email.  Once I receive payment, the appropriate vouchers will be issued.  


Checks should be made payable to Huron Yacht Club and mailed to the following address:


Jim Gritton

306 Wheeler Drive

Huron, Ohio 44839


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