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About HYC

Huron Yacht Club has over 60 years of rich history.  Founded in 1955, Huron Yacht Club has been hosting exclusive events and providing wonderful facilities for our members. Over the years, this Yacht Club has become a home away from home for many and place to enjoy a friendly environment away from the bustle of everyday life. Over the past 60 years, we have become known as "The Friendliest Club on the Lake", and we strive to uphold this designation with members, potential members, family, and friends throughout our communities.


A tradition of pride

Since founded in 1955, Huron Yacht Club has undergone many renovations to accommodate a growing list of members, while staying true to our heritage. Each year, the club closes its doors at the beginning of January for renovations and maintenance. The clubhouse has a contemporary concept that maintains the look and feel that honors the original building. Come by today and say hello!


Our Spirit

Huron Yacht Club was founded with one mission in mind: to serve the community of Huron and its surrounding communities, and to go above and beyond to provide even more than what our members expect. We aim to give member families, both old and new, a comprehensive club experience, with events, activities and services for everyone.

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